The Garden Guide

Book: Landscape Gardening in Japan, 1912
Chapter: Chapter 11. Garden Vegetation

Evergreen and coniferous garden trees and shrubs

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EVERGREENS. Among the coniferous evergreen trees and shrubs of Japan found in gardens are many varieties of the Pine, such as:�Pinus desiflora (Aka-matsu), Pinus thunbergii (Kuro-matsu), Pinus parviflora (Go-yo-matsu), and Pinus koraiensis (Chosen-matsu, or Chosen-go-yo-matsu). Under the vernacular term of Matsu are included Larix leptolepis (Kara-matsu)�called also Rakuyosho, and not strictly speaking an evergreen,�Abies mairiesii (Todo-matsu), Picea microsperma (Yezo-matsu), and certain unclassified varieties known to gardeners by names, either entirely fanciful, or descriptive of their peculiarities of growth or colour of foliage, as: Midori-matsu, or Yellow Pine; Asagi-matsu, or Blue Pine; Shidare-matsu, or Weeping Pine; Mandai-matsu, or Everlasting Pine; Senzai-matsu, or Pine of a Thousand Years; Tan-yo-matsu, or Short-leaved Pine; Kanoko-matsu, or Spotted Pine; Izari-matsu, or Creeping Pine; Kinsen-matsu, or Ring-leaved Pine; Kin-matsu, or Golden Pine; Janome-go-yo-matsu or Disc-leaved Pine; Shiraga-matsu, or Grey-hair Pine; and Torafu-matsu, or Tiger Pine. There are several kinds of Firs or Spruces, as follows:�Abies firma (Momi), Abies brachyphylla (Awobo-momi), and Abies mariesii,� mentioned above under the name of Todomatsu. Various garden varieties of Cryptomeria japonica are known by fancy names, as:�Kusari-sugi, or Chain-like Cryptomeria; Howo-sugi, or Ph�nix Cryptomeria; Ogon-sugi, or Golden Cryptomeria; Kifu-sugi, or Yellow-leaved Cryptomeria; Shirofu-sugi, or White-leaved Cryptomeria; Enko*-sugi, or Monkey Cryptomeria; Yore-sugi, or Twisted-leaved Cryptomeria; Kara-sugi, or Chinese Cryptomeria; Fuiri-sugi, or Spotted-leaved Cryptomeria; Sendai-sugi, or Sendai Cryptomeria; and Tamatori-sugi, or Dragon Cryptomeria. The Thuya orientalis, var. pendula, is also classed with these, and called Ito-sugi, or Thread-like Cryptomeria.