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Book: Landscape Gardening in Japan, 1912
Chapter: Chapter 10. Ornamental Water

Dry River scenery Karenagare

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In what is technically termed by the Japanese "Dry-river Scenery," the deep winding bed of a river or torrent is represented by means of an excavated channel, covered with pebbles or sand, and strewn with occasional rocks and stepping stones. Such dry river-beds are moreover crossed by rusticated bridges of planks or logs, in the same way as if actual water existed. Many examples may be seen in which the flowing current is actually represented as distinct from the gravelled bed, black stones, broken like macadam, being used for the water, and ordinary white pebbles and boulders for the exposed portions of the beds. [A Karenagare is a Dry Stream - an area of gravel or stone symbolizing running water]