The Garden Guide

Book: Landscape Gardening in Japan, 1912
Chapter: Chapter1. History

Korakuen Garden Okayama 3

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On the south-west side of the garden are one or two buildings,�remains of the old military palace,�and the grounds immediately in front of these are spread with neatly raked sand having raised footways formed of flat stepping stones, some being water-worn discs of irregular shape, and others monolithic slabs of squared granite. Just outside the verandah stands a fine natural rock hollowed out at the base, and supporting a water basin, provided with the ordinary pebbled pool and drain, and set off with several shrubs and a rush-work fence. Near here is found a group of evergreen bushes and trees sheltering a multi-storied garden-pagoda. To the rear of the building is another enormous granite boulder, surrounded with choice shrubs. The whole effect of the design is grand, simple, and placid; and there is here an absence of the minute and restless detail which distinguishes many other landscape gardens.