The Garden Guide

Book: Landscape Gardening in Japan, 1912
Chapter: Chapter1. History

Hongwanji Garden, Kyoto

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HONGWANJI GARDEN, KIOTO. This is a somewhat rare example of what is called a Sotetsu garden, being thickly planted with dwarf palms of the Cycas revoluta species, called Sotetsu. It serves also to illustrate the arrangement of a Kare sansui, or Dried-up Water Scene, the central portions being arranged with pebbled and bouldered river-bed, stone bridges, and a rocky cascade-inlet, all intended to suggest the presence of water although none actually exists. In the background may be seen a few bushes trimmed into cubical and spherical forms. This garden, which is situated in front of the Taimensho, or Principle Reception Rooms, of the temple of the Western Hongwanji, in Kioto, is illustrated in Plate XXXV.