The Garden Guide

Book: Journey and Embassy to Samarkand
Chapter: Viii Ambassadors Return


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The lord arranges the host which follows him every day, in this manner. He divides it into captaincies, and has captains over a hundred men, others over a thousand, others over ten thousand, and one over all, as constable: and when a force is ordered to march to any place, the orders are given through these captains {When ten soldiers, men of proof, were collected together, I ordained that one distinguished for valour should, with the consent of the remaining nine, be commander over them, and be called Oun-bashee. When ten Oun-bashees were assembled one of them was leader, called Euz-bashee. When ten Euz-bashees were collected together, an officer of exalted lineage, son of a chief, of approved valour and knowledge, took the command, called Ming-bashee.-Timur's Institutes}. The present captain general is called Janza Meerza, and he was one of those who assisted Timur Beg, at the death of the late emperor of Samarkand; for which he has received much land, and much favour, and been made a great lord. Timur Beg also gives his knights charge over the horses and sheep, some a thousand, others ten thousand; and if they do not produce them, when they are called for, or if any are wanting, they receive no other pay than the seizure of all they possess.