The Garden Guide

Book: Journey and Embassy to Samarkand
Chapter: Ruy Gonzalez De Clavijo

Tarifa Cueta Algeciras, Gilbralta and Malaga

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On Thursday they were off Tangiers, and the hills of Barbary, and Tarifa, and Ceuta, and Algeziras, and Gibraltar; and they were so near the land that they could see those places very clearly; being within the straits; and the same day they were off the Sierra de la Fi. On Friday, the 25th of May, when the day dawned, they were off Malaga, and anchored in the port, where they remained until the following Tuesday, as the captain had to land certain jars of oil and other merchandize. The said Malaga is a city on level ground, with one side facing the sea, and in one part, on a headland, there is a high castle with two walls; and outside the town there is another loftier castle called Alcazaba (on Gibralfaro Hill) , and from one castle to the other there is a wall, which unites them together. At the other end of the town, facing the sea, there are some terraces, near which commences a wall with towers; and inside this wall there are many beautiful fruit gardens; and above the gardens and the town there are high mountains covered with houses, and vineyards, and gardens; and between the sea and the town wall there are a few warehouses belonging to merchants, and the city is very populous. On the following Wednesday, the 29th of May, the carrack got under weigh, and was off the hill of Malaga, which is all covered with vineyards, and fruit gardens, and corn fields; she passed Velez Malaga, a high castle in these mountains; and Almunecar, which is near the sea; and at sunset she was off the Sierra Nevada. {a carrack is a 3 or 4 masted sailing ship} On Thursday she was off Cape Palos, which is near Carthagena, and on Friday she passed Cape Martin, which is a lofty headland in Catalonia.