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Book: History of Garden Design and Gardening
Chapter: Chapter 5: Gardens in Asia, America, Africa, Australia

Lahore Shalimar Bagh Garden

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749. Of the royal gardens of Shah Leemar, near Lahore, a city of Hindostan, some account is given in the Journal of the Royal Institution for July, 1820. 'They differ,' says the writer, 'from the indigenous royal gardens generally found in India, in belonging to the class of hanging gardens.' Their length is about 500 yards, and their breadth about 140. They consist of three terraces, watered by a stream brought upwards of sixty miles, and irrigating the country through which it passes. The only thing worthy of notice is the use of this water in cascades for cooling the air. There are large trees, including the apple, pear, and mango; a border and island of flowers, among which the narcissus abounds.