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Book: History of Garden Design and Gardening
Chapter: Chapter 4: British Gardens (1100-1830)

Fifteenth century English gardens

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551. During Henry V.'s reign (1413 to 1422), in the beginning of the fifteenth century, King James I. of Scotland was a prisoner in Windsor Castle for several years. In the poem written by that monarch, he gives the following account of a royal garden there:- 'Now was there maide fast by the touris wall A garden faire, and in the cornoris set Ane herbere grene, with wandis long and small Railit about, and so with treeis set Was all the place, and hawthorn hedges knet, That lyfe was non, walkyng there for bye That myght within scarce any wight espye. ' So thick the bewis and the leves grene Beschudit all the alleyes that there were, And myddis every herbere might be sene The scharp grene swete jenepere, Growing so fair with branches here and there, That as it semyt to a lyfe without, The bewis spred the herbere all about.' The Quair, by King James I. of Scotland, published by Lord woodhouselee.