The Garden Guide

Book: History of Garden Design and Gardening
Chapter: Chapter 3: European Gardens (500AD-1850)

Schloss Johannisberg Metternich Garden

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371. The gardens of Prince Metternich, at Johannisberg, on the Rhine, near Frankfort (fig. 115.), were laid out for that prince in 1825, by M. Rinz, a nurseryman at Frankfort. The situation is near the Rhine, elevated, varied, and containing extensive prospects. The following are details:� a, A projected temple on an elevated site, which is planted with various trees; as, Pinus, Betula, Juniperus, &c. b, Group of A'bies canadensis. c, group of Pinus Strobus. d, Dotted parts indicating masses of flowers. e, Elevated site, planted with Platanus orientalis. Some cedars of Lebanon are also planted here; besides which the garden is very rich in most kinds of American and other fine shrubs and rare trees. f, An orchard of the best esculent varieties of Fagus Castanea. g, View toward the mountains and the forest. h, Meadows, over which are seen the mountains and the forest. i, View to the vineyards. k k, View to the vineyards on the Rhine. l, View to the vineyards, to the Rhine, and for about 24 miles in the country. m m, Vineyards. n, n, n, Terrace walls for vines. o, Flower-garden round the palace. p p, Palace. q, Chapel. r, Court of the palace. s, Farm-yard. t t, Kitchen-garden. u, Orchard. v, Double avenue. x x x, Public roads. (Gard. Mag., vol. vi. p. 32.)