The Garden Guide

Book: Gardening Tools, Equipment and Buildings
Chapter: Chapter 5: Machines and Machinery

Jesses tree lifter

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1915. Jesse's tree lifter. This apparatus is formed of two pieces of iron, the breadth and thickness of a common cart-wheel tire, three or four inches wide, rather more than half an inch in thickness, and about six feet long, bent as shown in fig. 516. c, which will reduce them to three feet across. This size will do for trees requiring from two to four men to lift them; but a size larger, and stronger in proportion, will be wanted for trees requiring more men to move them. The earth must be excavated at some distance from the tree, so as to leave a large ball of earth attached to it; and the irons must be put under the ball of earth as near the centre as possible, leaving a space between them of about two feet, or for larger trees a little more. Two strong poles must then be passed through the hooks in the irons, so as to form a complete hand-barrow. The tree (a) may be then readily lifted; and cross levers, as shown at b, may be used for larger trees. The whole may be fixed or unfixed without any loss of time; and it requires no tying, as there is no danger of the tree slipping off the irons.