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Book: Gardening tours by J.C. Loudon 1831-1842
Chapter: Villa of Mrs. Lawrence, at Drayton Green, in 1838

Suburban Gardener

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THE object of the Suburban Gardener being to teach something of gardening to those who have not been regularly brought up to the profession, there are, probably, few professional men (and such, we suppose, are most of the readers of the Gardener's Magazine) who will think of perusing it. On this account, we gave, in a former Number (p. 220.), a descriptive notice of Hendon Rectory; and we now present a similar account of what we consider to be the very first villa of its class in the neighbourhood of London. Having done this, we do not intend to trouble our readers with any further extracts from the Suburban Gardener, but we leave that book to find its way in the world, feeling confident that it will extend the comforts and enjoyments of gardening more effectually than any other work that we have hitherto produced.