The Garden Guide

Book: Gardening tours by J.C. Loudon 1831-1842
Chapter: Northern England and Southern Scotland in 1841

Preston Hall

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Preston Hall; -Dick, Bart. The park is crowded with magnificent trees, of a number of which we were promised the dimensions. There are a large and very superiorly designed kitchen-garden, and an excellent gardener's house of three stories, large enough for a farmer; but, as we generally enquire into details, we found this house, like many, we may say most, other gardeners' houses in Scotland, without a convenience essential both to delicacy and cleanliness. The number of large and commodious gardeners' houses in Scotland which are altogether defective in this particular would not be credited in England. Forty different kinds of fig are cultivated in the garden here, and, by the aid of glass and artificial heat, figs are sent to table from the middle of May till winter.