The Garden Guide

Book: Gardening tours by J.C. Loudon 1831-1842
Chapter: Northern England and Southern Scotland in 1841

Blair Hill

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Aug. 7. - Kinross to Kincardine. After spending some time in examining the scenery of the Rumbling Bridge, well known for its romantic rocks and waterfalls, we enter Blair Hill; - Haig, Esq., a residence finely situated, and capable of immense improvement. Nothing can be finer than the situation of the north wall of the kitchen-garden, which, if it had been artistically built, with a broad border and terrace walk in front, would have been quite unique. This idea, indeed, is adopted, but not artistically carried out; and, though there are a wall and walk already existing 1300 ft. in extent, they are as different in style and execution from what they ought to be, as a mud hut is from a stone-built cottage. Ribes sanguineum with very large, slightly acid, agreeable fruit, Nemophila atomaria with double flowers, and an excellent variety of early potato, were pointed out to us by the gardener, Mr. Bar, who had every thing in excellent order. The farmyard is very complete; and there is a threshing-machine driven by an overshot water-wheel 25 ft. in diameter; the water is brought across a hollow way by an inverted siphon.