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Book: Fragments on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening, 1816
Chapter: Fragments On The Theory And Practice Of Landscape Gardening

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Fragments On The Theory And Practice Of Landscape Gardening INCLUDING SOME REMARKS ON GRECIAN AND GOTHIC ARCHITECTURE, Collected from Various Manuscripts, IN THE POSSESSION OF THE DIFFERENT NOBLEMEN AND GENTLEMEN FOR WHOSE USE THEY WERE ORIGINALLY WRITTEN; THE WHOLE TENDING TO ESTABLISH FIXED PRINCIPLES IN THE RESPECTIVE ARTS. BY H. REPTON, ESQ. ASSISTED BY HIS SON, J. ADEY REPTON, F. A. S. [Originally published in 1816, in one volume, quarto.] TO THE PRINCE REGENT, WITH HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS'S MOST GRACIOUS PERMISSION, THIS VOLUME IS HUMBLY INSCRIBED, BY HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS'S MOST FAITHFUL, OBEDIENT, AND HUMBLE SERVANTS, H. AND J. A. REPTON. Harestreet, near Romford, July, 1816. [This edition is from 1840 collected edition of The Landscape Gardening and Landscape Architecture of the Late Humphry Repton, Esq, edited by J C Loudon (JCL) with additional editing by Tom Turner (TT). Page titles have been added. The scanning has been checked but it is likely to have residual errors]