The Garden Guide

Book: Fragments on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening, 1816
Chapter: Fragment XvII. Of A Garden Near Oporto.

Portugal garden design problems

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The difficulties to which I allude are these:- First. My not having ever seen the spot, or any drawing of it. Secondly. My never having been in that country; yet, from sketches furnished by those who have been there, I had some general ideas of the face of the country near the spot, though not of the spot itself. Thirdly. Having only a map of the surface, without any sections of the ground, to describe the various levels. And, Lastly. The vast difference in climate, soil, seasons, and costume, between England and Portugal; all which seem to render the introduction of our English garden into the grounds near Oporto, almost as difficult as it has been to introduce the vegetation of a hot country into the cold regions of the north: yet, this has, by perseverance, been accomplished; and I am happy in an opportunity of attempting to shew, in this instance, how far difficulties may be surmounted.