The Garden Guide

Book: Fragments on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening, 1816
Chapter: Fragment Xi. Beaudesert.

Beaudesert capabilities

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The following description will serve to display the capabilities of this place, and discover the true situation of Beaudesert in such a manner as may induce those who only view the present visible state, to say, "Quam multa vident pictores in umbris et in eminentiis, qu� nos non videmus!" [How many things painters see in lights and shadows which we see not!] To bring these hidden beauties into notice, the process is very simple: remove the tall trees in the bottom, prevent the water from burying itself in the ground, by stopping the current of the different streamlets with ledges of large stones, wherever the natural channel is narrowest, make every drop of water visible on a hard surface, and yet let the whole appear the work of nature, and not of art.