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Book: Designs for the pavilion at Brighton, 1808
Chapter: An Inquiry Into The Changes In Architecture

Enfilade architecture

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In Italian houses of the last century, an ENFILADE was deemed essential to the state of a suite of rooms; but it was always made through small doors, and seldom in the centre of the rooms. The modern fashion of laying two or three rooms into one, by very large folding doors, is magnificent and convenient, where the rooms can be used together: but as great effect of enfilade (north and south) is preserved in the Chinese suite of rooms at the Pavillon, and may be also created in the attached corridors; and as magnificence of extent may be produced by INTRICACY and variety, as well as by CONTINUITY, perhaps the enfilade from east to west may not be so desirable, the distance being comparatively shorter. [In architecture, an Enfilade is a linear arrangement of rooms which provides a vista when the doors are open. TT]