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Book: Designs for the pavilion at Brighton, 1808
Chapter: An Inquiry Into The Changes In Architecture

Dining room

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DINING ROOM. IN a dining-room, as the number of guests may be different at different times, some provision should be made for either enlarging it by recesses at the end, or on the side; and these recesses might occasionally be detached from the large room, for a small or select party. In this sketch [fig. 138] some ornaments are introduced to enrich the ceiling, which, from their novelty, may appear too fanciful; but the difficulty of reconciling the mind to new forms will operate, at first, against every attempt to introduce them. These ornaments of the ceiling may be subservient to the framing of the roof, and may also supply expedients for ventilating the upper part of the room, which is apt, in dining-rooms especially, to retain the rarefied air and vapour, that cannot descend to the common apertures of doors, windows, or fire-places.