The Garden Guide

Book: Designs for the pavilion at Brighton, 1808
Chapter: An Inquiry Into The Changes In Architecture

Bud, leaf and flower forms in architecture

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It is a curious circumstance, that the general forms of enrichments may be thus classed: The GOTHIC are derived from the BUD, or GERM [see note* in p. 400]; the GRECIAN from the LEAF; and the INDIAN from the FLOWER; a singular coincidence, which seems to mark, that these three styles are, and ought to be, kept perfectly distinct [see fig. 139]. *[Metzger derives them from the flower and leaves. See his work, entitled, "Gesetze der Pflanzen und Mineralienbildung angewendet auf altdeutschen Baustyl, von Metzger." Stuttgart, 1835. 8vo. Plates. The bud, or germ, represented in Mr. Repton's figure, appears to be taken from the flower-stem of the succory or wild endive, Cichorium Intybus. J. C. L.]