The Garden Guide

Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Colour planning of the garden by George F Tinley, Thomas Humphreys and Walter Irving (London, 1924)

May color planning

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May brings a wealth of bloom not only on hardy shrubs but on a number of good garden flowers. The old Peony (Paeonia officinalis) should have a special place, in its three varieties of crimson, rosy red, and white. They are best in good masses accompanied by white flowers only�Solomon�s Seal, White Columbine, and little bushes of Deutzia gracilis and Olearia stellulata, and they may well be backed by the white Portugal Broom which flowers at the same time. A separate portion of bank or border would be beautiful with purple Pansies, the pink Dicentra eximia, and the taller Dielytra spectabilis and St. Bruno�s Lily (Anthericum), with a goodly planting of some of the earlier flag Irises of white and purple colouring; the dwarf, dark Purple King, the greywhite florentina, the stately purple Kharput, with white Foxglove to follow at the back. Some of the common pink China Rose would come in well with this grouping.