The Garden Guide

Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Colour planning of the garden by George F Tinley, Thomas Humphreys and Walter Irving (London, 1924)

March color planning

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Daffodils will be beginning in March, and will go on through April and into May. These also, and any other woodland plants, should be in drifts rather than in patches. It is both interesting and instructive as well as being best for colour effect, to plant them in thin woodland in a kind of natural sequence; beginning with the pale Narcissus pallidus praecox, then passing to other Trumpets of fuller yellow and then to the bicolor Trumpets, and from these to the hybrids of trumpet and incomparabilis. The next to follow will be the true incomparabilis, and then the hybrids of these with Narcissus poeticus�the poeticus influence making the colour paler; and ending with the type poeticus and its better variety Narcissus p. ornatus. This is the white Pheasant-eye of gardens, with a strong, sweet scent. It is, with a few exceptions that need not concern wild planting, the latest of the Daffodils, its blooming time being in May when Sweet Briar is making its fragrant young foliage. The fine double poeticus should also be planted, and in suitable soils will show as a sheet of white. Narcissus poeticus is a plant of the limestone Alps and is not happy in light soils. The greater number of the Narcissi do quite well in sandy ground, though they may scarcely have the size and vigour of those grown on a good loam.