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Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Chapter 8 The flower border in August

Perennial Sunflowers

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Now we come to a group of the perennial Sunflowers; a good form of the double Helianthus multiflorus in front, and behind it the large single kind of the same plant. By the side of these is a rather large group of a garden form of H. orgyalis. This is one of the perennial Sunflowers that are usually considered not good enough for careful gardening. It grows very tall, and bears a smallish bunch of yellow flowers at the top. If this were all it could do, it would not be in my flower border. But in front of it grows a patch of the fine Tansy-like Achillea Eupatorium, and in front of this again a wide-spreading group of Eryngium oliverianum�beautiful all through July. When the bloom of these is done the tall Sunflower is trained down over them�this pulling down, as in the case of so many plants, causing it to throw up flower-stalks from the axils of every pair of leaves; so that in September the whole thing is a sheet of bloom. Thus the plant that was hardly worth a place in the border becomes, at its flowering time, one of the brightest ornaments of the garden. Other plants that are in front of the Sunflower, that have also passed out of bloom, are the Scarlet Bee-balm (Monarda) and the very useful alpine Groundsel (Senecio artemisioefolius {Senecio adonidifolius}).