The Garden Guide

Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Chapter 8 The flower border in August

Cannas and Hollyhocks

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Next we have an important group of a large-leaved Canna, the handsomest foliage in the border; good to see when the sun is behind and the light comes through the leaves. Here also, at the back, is a patch of Hollyhocks�one very dark, almost a claret-red, and a fine, full red inclining to blood-colour. They tower up together, and close to them are Dahlias, the rich red Crimson Beauty, deep scarlet The Prince, scarlet Fire King, and its variety Orange Fire King, now the most brilliant piece of colouring in the garden. These lead on to a gorgeous company�Phlox Coquelicot, scarlet Pentstemon, orange African Marigold, scarlet Gladiolus, and, to the front, a brilliant dwarf scarlet Salvia; Helenium pumilum and scarlet and orange dwarf Nasturtium. Here and there within this mass of bright colouring there is a patch of the fine deep yellow Coreopsis lanceolata, a plant of long-enduring bloom, or rather of long succession, for, if the dead flowers are removed, it will look bright for a good three months.