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Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Chapter 8 The flower border in August

August flowers

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Snapdragons, tall white and tall yellow, spire up four feet high, following the earlier Foxgloves. At the back is the pretty pink Dahlia Delice with sulphur and pale pink Hollyhocks. A little further along, and staked out so as to take the place of the clumps of Verbascum Chaixii that were so fine at the end of June, is Dahlia Apricot�an apricot with a slight pink flush. Forward is a group of a Pentstemon of palest pink colouring named Spitzberg, that I had from Messrs. Barr's nursery, then a patch or two of palest blue Spiderwort, and, quite to the front in any spaces there may be among the grey foliage, Lobelia "Cobalt Blue," the taller Lobelia tenuior, and the pretty little blue-flowered Cape Daisy, Agathea coelestis {Felicia amelloides}.