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Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Chapter 8 The flower border in August

August flower border

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By the second week of August the large flower border is coming to its best. The western grey end, with its main planting of hoary and glaucous foliage�Yucca, Sea-kale, Cineraria maritima {Senecio cineraria}, Rue, Elymus, Santolina, Stachys, &c.�now has Yucca flaccida in flower. This neat, small Yucca, one of the varieties or near relatives of filamentosa, is a grand plant for late summer. A well-established clump throws up a quantity of flower-spikes of that highly ornamental character that makes the best of these fine plants so valuable. White Everlasting Pea, planted about three feet from the back, is trained on stout pea-sticks over the space occupied earlier by the Delphiniums and the Spiraeas. A little of it runs into a bush of Golden Privet. This Golden Privet is one of the few shrubs that have a place in the flower border. Its clean, cheerful, bright yellow gives a note of just the right colour all through the summer. It has also a solidity of aspect that enhances by contrast the graceful lines of the foliage of a clump of the great Japanese striped grass Eulalia, which stands within a few feet of it, seven feet high, shooting upright, but with the ends of the leaves recurved.