The Garden Guide

Book: Colour schemes for the flower garden
Chapter: Chapter 10 The flower borders in September

Clarets and blood reds

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Rather near the front, the bushy masses of Gypsophila, which a month ago were silvery grey, have now turned to a brownish colour. They are partly covered with trailing Nasturtiums, but the portions of brown cloud that remain tone well with the rich reds that are near them. In the back of this region dark claret and blood-red Hollyhocks still show colour, and scarlet Dahlias are a mass of gorgeous bloom. Their nearest neighbours are tall flaming Tritomas, with, in front of them, one of the dwarfer Tritomas that is crowded with its orange-scarlet flowers of a rather softer tone. Then come scarlet Gladiolus, a wide group of a splendid red Pentstemon, and, to the front, an edging and partly carpeting mass of the good, short-growing form of Salvia splendens called Pride of Zurich.