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Book: C.M Villiers Stuart Gardens of the Great Mughals
Chapter: Glossary

Glossary of Mughal Gardens

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BADSHAH a corruption of padishah, from pad, �a seat,� a throne,� and shah, a prince�meaning Emperor. BADSHAHL Empire, imperial. BADSHAHI MAHA Imperial palace. BAGH an enclosed garden, a country-house. BARADARI literally �12 doors,� a pavilion, a large summer-house. BHARATA the epical name of India. BHAKTI literally a state or condition of adoration, shown by devotion to altruistic works. BOSTAN a fruit-tree garden, an orchard. BURJ a fortified tower. CHABUTRA a four-cornered bank, a raised place or plat form for sitting on. CHADAR literally a sheet or shawl, here a water-chute or cascade. CHAR-BAGH literally four gardens, here a large garden divided by four water-ways. CHASMA a sparkling [literally eye-bright] spring. CHATRT literally an umbrella, here a small open baradari or summer-house; the word also means mausoleum. CHENAR the Oriental Plane-tree, Platanus orientalis, the fame of which has filled the whole history of Asia from the Punjab to Asia Minor from the beginning of human history. GULISTAN literally a rose garden, but meaning also any flower garden. HAUZ a large stone-built tank. HUMMUM or HAMMAM a bath, bath-house, a public bath-house. LALA-ZAR or LALZAR literally a red garden, but meaning specifically a tulip garden. MAHAL a palace, mansion, house. MALI a gardener. MELA a meeting, a fair, also a fair held at the seat of some shrine for the benefit of the pilgrims. MIHRAB the central niche in the wall of a mosque marking the direction of Mecca. MISTRI a master craftsman. PUJA an act of devotion, of sacrifice. SANAD a deed or written grant, a charter. SHIKARA a small boat used in Kashmir on the rivers and lakes. TAJ literally a cap, a crown, the word being the second syllable of the name of the favourite wife of Shah Jahan, the immortal Mumtaz-i-Mahal, the Ornament of the Palace; and her name being given to her sepulchral cenotaph at Agra, the word Taj gradually came to denominate any mausoleum.