The Garden Guide

Mawson, Thomas

Born - Died : 1861 - 1933

A prolific and influential garden designer, whose work is not well known. Thomas Mawson was born near Lancaster and worked with his uncle, a builder. He set up a practice in the Lake District, which prospered as the railways brought wealthy people to retire there. In 1900 Thomas Mawson published one of the first books to be profusely illustrated with photographs. Its title, The Art and Craft of Garden Making, reveals his inspiration and gave a name to the style of Jekyll and Lutyens. Mawson's book went through 5 editions by 1926 and he became first president of the Institute of Landscape Architects in 1929. In his autobiography Thomas Mawson wrote that he regarded Edward Kemp as 'the best exponent of the landscape style'. He also gave the excellent advice that if you help a client to save money they will soon forget the saving and always remember the poor quality.

Gardens designed by Mawson, Thomas