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Halprin, Lawrence

Born - Died : 1916 - ?

Lawrence Halprin was born in Brooklyn, NY. After taking a degree in Plant Sciences, he studied landscape architecture at Harvard under Walter Gropius and Christopher Tunnard. After reading Tunnard's Gardens in the Modern Landscape Lawrence Halprin remarked 'Wow, that's it'. In San Francisco he worked with Thomas Church and, in 1949, founded a landscape architecture firm. Lawrence Halprin's commissions include Ghiradelli Square (1962), Sea Ranch (1965), Lovejoy Plaza (1961) and Ira's Fountain. His books include Cities (1963), The Freeway in the City (1963), RSVP Cycles (1970) and Notebooks 1959-1971 (1972).

Gardens designed by Halprin, Lawrence