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Vaux, Calvert

Born - Died : 1824 - 1895

Calvert Vaux was born in London and met Andrew Jackson Downing at the Architectural Association. Downing persuaded him to move to America in 1851. When Downing drowned, Vaux took over the firm. In 1857 Vaux published a book on Villas and Cottages and in 1858 he joined with Frederick Law Olmsted in the competition for the design of Central Park, New York. Their "Greensward" plan won and Olmsted was put in charge of the project. Since it is likely that Vaux had played a major role in the design conception, as a trained draughtsman with experience of landscape and garden design, there was a certain injustice in the appointment. Vaux was bitter but worked with Olmsted on the park from 1858 to 1878. Vaux died of drowning in 1895.

Gardens designed by Vaux, Calvert