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Thames Barrier Park

Described as 'the first riverside park to be built in London for over 50 years' the Thames Barrier Park was opened in 2000. The design was by landscape architect Allain Provost (Groupe Signes) of Paris and architects Patel Taylor of London. The green trench running through the park was intended as a reminder of the site's dockland heritage. It provides a sheltered microclimate for a 'rainbow garden' - strips of coloured plants. A Pavilion of Remembrance near the River commemorates local people who died in the Second World War. The park is framed by housing but, for reasons of security, there is a substantial security fence between the park and the housing. The most dramatic feature of the park is its view of the Thames Flood Barrier. The design style is Postmodern.

Thames Barrier Park

Barrier Point Road (Off North Woolwich Rd), London, Greater London, England, E16 2HP

Daily. Open from 7am.

Visit the Thames Barrier Park website

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