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'Ornament is crime' declared Adolf Loos, a pioneer of abstract modern gardens. But even fellow modernists soon rejected this approach to garden ornament. They began to place abstract art in modern gardens, connecting with a 4,000 year-old approach to gardens and ornament. In Ancient Egypt, statues of gods were placed in temples and temple gardens. In Ancient Greece, statues were placed in sanctuaries and sacred groves, as objects of veneration rather than ornament. The Romans transported many Greek statues to Rome and made copies of those they dared not move. But in Roman gardens the statues were used as garden ornaments rather than religious symbols - and the Roman approach to garden ornament continues to dominate popular taste in European and American garden ornament. Every large garden store has a stock of copies of copies of Roman copies of Greek urns and statues. The most popular dieties, with their Greek names (their Roman names in brackets) and their symbolism have been:

  • Aphrodite (Venus): love
  • Artemis (Diana): hunting.
  • Poseidon (Neptune): the sea.
  • Dionysus (Bacchus): wine, feasts and revelry.
  • Demeter (Ceres): earth and agriculture.
  • Athena (Minerva): wisdom and learning.

Buddha statues have become popular in Western gardens.


  • almost 3 years by David Matheson 5 / 5

    I think garden sculptures or ornaments do more than add something aesthetic. Statues and sculptures add character and an atmosphere to the garden, and my larger garden sculptures also act as a talking point and generate intrigue.

    Garden sculptures are a great way for abstract artists to get their work seen too!
  • about 3 years by Janice 5 / 5

    It amazes me how garden ornaments have been used to decorate landscapes for around 4,000 years. I just read an article about a 3,000 year old Egyptian ornament that was found by a collector in someones backyard in the UK. It was being used as a pot for a small plant. It blows my mind just thinking about everything that ornament has been through over the years!

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Medium dove ornament  original

The white dove ornament is made of marble dust and resin (1975)

Medium penshurst place statue original

Statue in the Magnolia Garden at Penshurst Place

Medium garden ornaments buddha original

A Buddha statue by Garden Ornaments Direct