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This page provides quicklinks to history resources. The navigation tabs, above, lead to more resources on the website. They include 200+ online articles and 20+ online eTexts + images. See also Tom Turner Asian Gardens (Spon/Routledge 2010) and see our list of 100 Best Books on Landscape Architecture and see list of publications by Tom Turner.

Historic styles of garden design eBooks publishes an eBook on the 24 Historic Styles of Garden Design which had the most influence in Europe from 2000 BCE to 2000 CE. Each style is represented by one of the 24 diagrams (as on the cover, left) and the book contains key examples of each style. The eBook was written by Tom Turner and published in 2008 with 84 pages and 230 colour illustrations. There are hyperlinks to the garden descriptions on this website with aerial photography and maps of how to find the gardens.
Principles of Garden Design eBook
eBooks publishes an eBook on the The Principles of Garden Design . It looks back to the history of garden design and forward to the principles of making a good garden in the twenty-first century. Because principles are fundamental, the book is relevant to professional garden designers, private owner-designers and landscape architects.
EUROPE Book on European Gardens: History, philosophy and design - Biographies of Garden and Landscape Designers, Glossary of Design Terms

Historic Design Styles Chart - Historic Garden Types List - Sacred Space and Religious Gardens -

Guide to historic garden restoration - Biographies of Garden and Landscape Designers - Distance Learning Certificate in Garden History -


West Asian Gardens - Egypt - Iran - Uzbekistan - India - Turkey - History of Asian Gardens: belief and design -

Buddhist gardens: history, theory and design


India garden history - C.M Villiers Stuart Gardens of the Great Mughals by Constance Villiers-Stuart -
EAST ASIA: China and Japan

Chinese garden history - Classification of Chinese garden types - Japanese garden history - Landscape Gardening in Japan, 1912 by Josiah Conder - History of Asian Gardens: belief and design -


Introduction - American garden design in 1834 - landscape architecture in 1928 - Canadian Gardens