The Landscape Guide

*Postmodern Style 1972

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Use: Postmodern ideas encourage garden owners to deconstruct their preconceptions and think in fresh ways. The garden is used to experiment with new materials and new geometries, to site concrete poetry, to place a steaming tub, to build a glass room, to grow non-traditional plants, to transform a pavement into a fountain. Above all, it can be used to overlay uses and ideas in a multi-faceted postmodern structural composition. Towards the end of the twentieth century, the style was used to win design competitions.

Form: Geometrically, postmodernism is associated with a layered and deconstructive geometry. Rectangles clash with circles and are interscected by hapazard diagonals, as in a Russian constructivist painting. Steel and concrete structures are painted in bright colours. Glass and other reflective surfaces help create illusions and startling visual effects.

Barcelona Plazas, Duisburg Nord Landschaftspark, Getty Center, Jardin Albert Kahn, Jardin Atlantique Paris, Jardin des Halles, Parc Andre Citroen Paris, Parc de la Villette Paris,