The Garden Guide

Book: The Principles of Landscape Gardening
Chapter: Chapter 4: Private and Public Landscape Gardens

The labourer's cottage and garden

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1584. The labourer's cottage and garden. This may be reckoned too humble a country residence for the consideration of the landscape-gardener; but we conceive it to be of very great importance to the general good, that these should be improved, and the condition of their inhabitants ameliorated. What we shall advance is founded on the principle, that whatever renders the cottager more comfortable and happy at home, will render him a better servant and subject, and in every respect a more valuable member of society. Besides, one of the most constantly occurring objects in the country is the labourer's cottage, whether detached by the roadside, or grouped in hamlets and villages; and, therefore, to render such buildings and their scenery more ornamental, must, independently of every other consideration, be a very laudable object.