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Book: The Principles of Landscape Gardening
Chapter: Chapter 3: Design Composition in Landscape Gardens

Park uses

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1568. The park is a space devoted to the growth of timber, pasturage for deer, cattle, and sheep, and to adding grandeur and dignity to the mansion. On its extent and beauty, and on the magnitude and architectural design of the house, chiefly depend the reputation and character of the residence. In the geometric style, the more distant or concealed parts were subdivided into fields, surrounded by broad stripes or double rows of trees, enclosed in walls or hedges; and the nearer parts were chiefly covered with wood, enclosing regular surfaces of pasturage. In the modern style, the scenery of a park is intended to resemble that of a scattered forest, the more polished glades and regular shapes of lawn being near the house, and the rougher parts towards the extremities. The paddocks, or smaller enclosures, are generally placed between the family stables and the farm, and form a sort of intermediate character.