The Garden Guide

Book: The Principles of Landscape Gardening
Chapter: Chapter 2: Compositional Elements of Landscape Gardening

Walks and surfacing

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1546. Walks are the next accompaniment to home scenes, without which they cannot be viewed but in particular states of the weather and the surface. They were straight, angular, or in regular curves, in the geometric style, and are in easy natural-like lines in the modern manner. Though avowed objects of art, they ought always to bear a certain analogy to the scenes they pass through; with formal-kept hedges in highly finished scenery, and edges blending with the gravel in the picturesque manner, recommended by Price in more wild scenes. Taste must determine their general course, from the range of objects to be displayed; and their particular turns, from local beauties and accidental circumstances. The principle of a sufficient reason ought never to be lost sight of in laying out walks and roads; that is, no deviation from a straight line should ever appear for which a reason is not given in the position of the ground, the trees, or other accompanying objects.