The Garden Guide

Book: The Principles of Landscape Gardening
Chapter: Chapter 2: Compositional Elements of Landscape Gardening

The approach road in the geometric style was a wooded avenue

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1541. The approach in the geometric style was usually a wooded avenue, in one or in several lines. In the modern, it is generally a bold, free, gently waving line; every turn of which is, or seems to be, produced either by some variation in the surface, or by the position of a group of trees. It may pass through wood only, or through forest-like scenery. The first view obtained of the house ought to be as favourable as possible, and not of any particular front, but rather an angular view, bosomed in trees. The second, or, if there are two or more, the last view, on a nearer approach, should be distinct, and show the entrance-front, and porch, or portico; the road approaching it at such a distance, obliquely, as that the eye may readily comprehend the whole, and to the greatest advantage.