The Garden Guide

Book: The Principles of Landscape Gardening
Chapter: Chapter 2: Compositional Elements of Landscape Gardening

Fantastic stones

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1533. Fantastic stones (fig. 252. a) should be avoided in all cases, unless in some peculiar scene; and where there are already indications of stratified or regular masses of rock (b), it can never appear natural to place near them round, water-worn stones (c). Where angular and laminated stones are near, or where such as can be quarried in forms suitable for building may be procured, grand effects may be produced; either by using them in forming imitations of nature, or by combining them in a mixed style of artificial form and natural conglomeration; or by some variation of the Cyclopian of Tirynthian style (fig. 253.). The term Cyclopian, it will be observed, indicates a wall formed of irregular blocks of sandstone; and it has received the name from this mode of building being supposed to have been practised by the Cyclops.