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Book: The Principles of Landscape Gardening
Chapter: Chapter 1: Principles of Landscape Gardening

The principles of imitative landscape-gardening

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1476. The principles of imitative landscape-gardening, in that view of this term which limits it to 'the art of creating landscapes of picturesque beauty,' we consider, with Girardin, Price, Knight, and other authors, to be those of painting; and in viewing it as adding to picturesque beauty some other natural expression, as of grandeur, decay, melancholy, &c., we consider it, with Pope, Warton, Gray, and Eustace, as requiring, both in the designer and observer, the aid of a poetic mind; that is, of a mind conversant with all those different emotions, or pleasures of imagination, which are called up by certain signs of affecting or interesting qualities, furnished by sounds, motion, buildings, and other objects.