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Book: The Principles of Landscape Gardening
Chapter: Chapter 1: Principles of Landscape Gardening

Landscape design in the modern style

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1467. Design in landscape-gardening in the modern style can only be shown by a selection and combination of beautiful objects found in natural scenery; and hence it is, that the study of pictures by the best artists is so useful and important to the landscape-gardener who wishes to attain eminence in his art. 'We may look upon pictures,' observes Price, 'as a set of experiments of the different ways in which trees, buildings, water, &c., may be disposed, grouped, and accompanied in the most beautiful and striking manner, and in every style, from the most simple and rural to the grandest and most ornamental; many of those objects, that are scarcely marked as they lie scattered over the face of nature, when brought together in the compass of a small piece of canvass, are forcibly impressed upon the eye, which by that means learns how to separate, to select, and to combine.' (Price on the Picturesque, ed. 1796, p. 6.)