The Garden Guide

Book: The Principles of Landscape Gardening
Chapter: Chapter 1: Garden Management

Economical gardening arrangements

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1670. Economical arrangements. The next thing is to fix on the hours of labour and of rest, the amount of wages, and regulations as to lodging, &c. The hours of labour ought to be at least one hour per day less than those for field labourers (who require comparatively no mind), in order to allow time for studying the science of the art to be practised. The amount of fines should also be fixed on at the same time: as for absence at the hours of going to labour; for defects in the performance of duty of various sorts, as putting by a tool without cleaning it, being found without a knife or an apron, or not knowing the name of a plant, &c. A set of maxims and rules of conduct should be drawn up by the master, and printed, with the amount of fine specified at the end of each rule. The fines levied may either be applied to some general purpose, or returned by equal distribution quarterly.