The Garden Guide

Book: The Principles of Landscape Gardening
Chapter: Chapter 1: Garden Management

Cropping table record keeping

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1677. Or a cropping table may be used for this purpose (fig. 296.), in which there may be two vertical columns for each of the principal crops sown in gardens, and horizontal lines for each month. Then, suppose frame peas, sown in November: begin a line on the left-hand column, headed peas, opposite November, and write the variety frame in the right-hand column; and when the peas are fit to gather, trace the line diagonally down to the horizontal line representing the month (May, in the figure) in which they ripen. This is a very simple mode, as it presents the sowing and reaping of the whole of the principal, kitchen-garden crops at one view. A few large sheets, ruled thus, might be bound together; one page would serve for a year, and when a few years were recorded, the whole would present a rich assemblage of facts to suggest ideas as to cropping.