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Book: The Principles of Landscape Gardening
Chapter: Chapter 1: Entomology as Applied to Gardens

The shell-slug (Testacellus Maugei)

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1666. A particular kind has recently been discovered in this country, called the shell-slug (Testacellus Maugei Fer.) (c). It was found in some of the gardens near Bristol, by Mr. Miller of that city, and is remarkable for feeding upon earth-worms, without attacking vegetables. On this account it may be usefully introduced, where, from particular circumstances, those animals have propagated too much. This genus is known from all other slugs, by having a thin oval shell (d) attached to the hinder part of the body. At Bayswater, and some other places in the neighbourhood of London, another species abounds, which has been denominated by Ferussac, Limax Sowerbyi. It will be found figured and described in the Magazine of Natural History, vol. v. p. 694.