The Garden Guide

Book: Sketches and Hints on Landscape Gardening, 1795
Chapter: Chapter 5: Concerning park scenery

Park and forest scenery

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Woods enriched by buildings, and water enlivened by a number of pleasure-boats, alike contribute to mark a visible difference betwixt the magnificent scenery of a park, and that of a sequestered forest: the trees, the water, the lawns, and the deer, are alike common to both. There is another distinction betwixt park and forest scenery on which I shall beg leave to state my opinion, as it has been a topic of some doubt and difficulty amongst the admirers of my profession, viz., How far gravel roads are admissible across the lawns of a park: yet surely very little doubt will remain on this subject, when we consider a park as a place of residence; and see the great inconvenience to which grass roads are continually liable.