The Garden Guide

Book: Sketches and Hints on Landscape Gardening, 1795
Chapter: Chapter 3: Concerning proper situations for a house

Welbeck Red Book

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WELBECK. However various opinions may be on the choice of a situation for a house, yet there appear to be certain principles on which such choice ought to be founded; and these may be deduced from the following considerations: First. The natural character of the surrounding country. Secondly. The style, character, and size of the house. Thirdly. The aspects of exposure, both with regard to the sun and the prevalent winds of the country. Fourthly. The shape of the ground near the house. Fifthly. The views from the several apartments; and, Sixthly. The numerous objects of comfort:-such as a dry soil, a supply of good water, proper space for offices, with various other conveniences essential to a mansion in the country; and which in a town may sometimes be dispensed with, or at least very differently disposed. It is hardly possible to arrange these six considerations according to their respective weight or influence, which must depend on a comparison of one with the other, under a variety of circumstances; and even on the partiality of individuals in affixing different degrees of importance to each consideration. Hence it is obvious, that there can be no danger of sameness in any two designs conducted on principles thus established; since in every different situation some one or more of these considerations must preponderate; and the most rational decision will result from a combined view of all the separate advantages or disadvantages to be foreseen from each*. *[Having always had these considerations in view whenever I have been consulted in the site of a new house, or on the preservation of the old one, I shall take the liberty of mentioning several instances, in some of which the original red books may possibly be consulted, to shew the variety of manner in which these general rules have been applied to particular purposes:-Sunninghill, Sundridge, Courteen Hall, Whersted, Waresley Park, Ouston, Bessacre Manor, Northrepps, Buckminster, Little Green, Holme Park, Purley.] [Welbeck, the Duke of Portland's house in Nottinghamshire, Grid Reference SK 5674]