The Garden Guide

Book: Observations on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening, 1803
Chapter: Chapter XV. Conclusion

Painting and landscape gardening

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THE Art of Painting has been usually treated under four distinct heads, viz. Composition; Design, or Drawing; Expression; and Colouring. Each of which may, in some measure, be applied to landscape gardening, as it has been treated in this work. Composition, includes those observations on utility, scale, perspective, &c., contained in Chapters I. and II. Design, may be considered as belonging to the remarks on water, wood, fences, lines, &c., contained in Chapters III. IV. V. VI. and VII. Expression, includes all that relates to character, situation, arrangement, and the adaptation of works of art to the scenery of nature, which have been discussed in the remaining Chapters of this work; and, lastly, Colouring, so far as it relates to certain artificial objects, has been mentioned in Chapter XI.