The Garden Guide

Book: Observations on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening, 1803
Chapter: Chapter XIII. Ancient Mansions

Queen Elizabeth Gothic

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The south front of CORSHAM [fig. 109], is of the style called Queen Elizabeth's Gothic, although rather of the date of King James. The north front is of Grecian architecture. The east front [fig. 110], is in a correct, but heavy style of regular architecture; and to alter the old south front in conformity to it, would not only require the whole to be entirely rebuilt, but make an alteration of every room in that part of the house unavoidable. This not according with the intention of the proprietor of CORSHAM HOUSE, the original south front becomes the most proper object for imitation. [Fig. 111 shews the east front as altered; and fig. 112, the new front to the north.]