The Garden Guide

Book: London Parks and Gardens, 1907
Chapter: Chapter 8 Commons and Open Spaces

Village Greens

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All round London, besides the larger commons, smaller greens are to be found, which are survivals of the old village greens. They recall the time when London was a walled city, and thickly scattered round it were the little hamlets which have now been absorbed by the ever-growing, monster town. There is little that is distinctive about them. For the most part they are simply open spaces of well-worn turf without trees. Shepherd's Bush is one of these. Brook Green, in Hammersmith, not very far from it, has the remains of a few fine elm trees. In Fulham there are Parson's Green and Eel Brook Common. Away in South London, Goose Green and Nunhead Green are other examples where grass is even more inconspicuous.