The Garden Guide

Book: London Parks and Gardens, 1907
Chapter: Chapter 2 Hyde Park

The Cake House in Hyde Park

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The "Lodge" is but another name for the "Cheesecake House" or "Cake House," or as it was sometimes called from the proprietor, the Gunter of those days, "Price's Lodge." This house, which was a picturesque feature, stood near the Ring, on the site of the present building of the Humane Society, and must have been the scene of many amusing incidents in the lives of those who graced the Ring, in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. A little stream ran in front of it, and the door was approached over planks. White with beams of timber, latticed windows, and gabled roof, a few flowers clustering near, with the water flowing by its walls, the old house gave a special charm and rural flavour to the tarts and cheesecakes and syllabub with which the company regaled themselves. [Land in Hyde Park given by George III to the Humane Society in 1794. An old farmhouse on the site is used to give medical treatment to the rescued. It was damaged by bombing in 1940. TT]